2022 CPBL Playoff Series, Taiwan Series Schedule

2022 CPBL Postseason Schedule

On October 24, the CPBL announced the 2022 postseason schedule.

Three teams, Rakuten Monkeys, CTBC Brothers and Wei Chuan Dragons, will partake in the postseason, which is divided into two stages.

  • Playoff Series: October 29 to November 1
  • Taiwan Series: November 5 to November 13

2022 Playoff Series (Best-of-Five)

The first round of the postseason will feature the CTBC Brothers taking on the Wei Chuan Dragons in a best-of-five Playoff Series. Since the Brothers are a half-season winner, they will have a one-win advantage and a G1-G3-G4 home advantage in the Playoff Series.

The winner of the Playoff Series will advance to the Taiwan Series to face the Rakuten Monkeys.

G1Oct 29DragonsBrothersTaichung17:00
G2Oct 30BrothersDragonsTianmu17:00
G3Oct 31DragonsBrothersTaichung18:30
G4Nov 1DragonsBrothersTaichung18:30

2022 Taiwan Series (Best-of-Seven)

The Rakuten Monkeys being the half-season winner with the highest full-season win percentage, will go straight to the best-of-seven Taiwan Series. The Monkeys will also have a G1-G2-G5-G6-G7 home advantage.

G1Nov 5TBDMonkeysTaoyuan17:00
G2Nov 6TBDMonkeysTaoyuan17:00
G5Nov 11TBAMonkeysTaoyuan18:30
G6Nov 12TBAMonkeysTaoyuan17:00
G7Nov 13TBAMonkeysTaoyuan17:00