52nd LVBP All-Star Game Monday At Estadio La Rinconada, Rosters & Managers Announced 

By Matthew Tallarini
World Baseball Network

The 52nd Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional All-Star Game will take place on Monday, December 18, at Estadio La Rinconada in Caracas, Venezuela. 

The stadium, officially known as Estadio Monumental de Caracas Simon Bolivar, opened with the 2023 Caribbean Series last February. The stadium took 10 years to complete construction due to the ongoing economic and political crises in the country.

This will be the first time that the LVBP is having an in-season All-Star Game since the 2017-18 winter league season.  

The Oriente and Occidente All-Star teams will each have 34 players on their roster for the All-Star Game. 

Former Major League Baseball player Carlos Guillen, who is part of the sports committee of LVBP, and Amador Montes, the general manager of the league, selected the rosters for both All-Star teams after fans and journalists cast votes during the 2023-24 LVBP regular season. 

This is the 24th edition of the LVBP All-Star Game held in Caracas. The game was held for many years at Estadio Universitario. 

The LVBP All-Star Game will be streamed for free on https://www.youtube.com/@BeisbolPlay between 5 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. EST. 

Oriente All-Star Team Roster
(Players from the Bravos de Margarita, Caribes de Anzoátegui, Leones del Caracas, and Tiburones de La Guaira)

Manager – José Alguacil
Pitchers (Team)
Doubront, Félix (Bravos)
Hernández, Arnaldo (Tiburones)       
Idrogo, Eudis (Tiburones)
Lugo, Rito (Leones)  
Morales, Osmer (Bravos)      
Mujica, José (Leones)
Navas, Carlos (Bravos)
Padrón, Ángel (Tiburones)    
Paredes, Eduardo (Tiburones)            
Paricaguán, Jesús (Caribes)  
Pinto, Ricardo (Tiburones)
Seijas, Karlo (Tiburones)
Socolovich, Miguel (Leones)
Outfielders (Team)
Acuña Jr., Ronald (Tiburones)
Cedrola, Lorenzo (Tiburones)
Corredor, Aldrem (Leones)
Otosaka, Tomo (Bravos)
Puig, Yasiel (Tiburones)
Rodríguez, Herlis (Caribes)
Rondón, José (Leones)
Vásquez, Danry (Tiburones)
Infielders (Team)
Castro, Harold (Leones)
Fuenmayor, Balbino (Caribes)
Garcia, Maikel (Tiburones)
García, Wilson (Tiburones)
Hernández, César (Leones)         
Noriega, Gabriel (Leones)
Reginatto, Leonardo (Tiburones)
Rodríguez, David (Bravos)
Rojas, Miguel (Tiburones)
Sardiñas, Luis (Caribes)
Valera, Breyvic (Bravos)               

Catchers (Team)
Arcia, Francisco (Tiburones)
Pérez, Carlos (Bravos)
Ramos, Wilson (Bravos)

Occidente All-Star Team
(Players from the Águilas del Zulia, Cardenales de Lara, Navegantes del Magallanes and Tigres de Aragua)

Manager – Henry Blanco

Pitchers (Team)
Ascanio, José (Cardenales)  
Bracho, Silvino (Águilas)        
Campos, Vicente (Cardenales)
Castillo, Máximo, (Cardenales)
Cavanerio, Jorgan (Tigres)    
Espinoza, Anderson (Cardenales)      
Huizi, Eiker, (Tigres) 
Rivero, Raúl (Cardenales)     
Spraker, Graham (Cardenales)           
Tavarez, Jorge (Águilas)         
Vizcaya, Anthony (Navegantes)         
Zambrano, Jesús (Tigres)
Outfielders (Team)
Chourio, Jackson (Águilas)
Cuadrado, Romer (Navegantes)
Hernández, Gorkys (Cardenales)
Martínez, Alberth (Navegantes)
Martínez, José Alb. (Tigres)
Reyes, Ángel (Águilas)   
Tocci, Carlos (Tigres) 
Infielders (Team)
Amarista, Alexi (Tigres) 
Castellanos, Pedro (Cardenales)
Castillo, Alí (Águilas)
Flores, Jecksson (Cardenales)
Flores, Wilmer (Navegantes)
Galvis, Freddy (Águilas)
Odor, Rougned (Águilas)
Pérez, Hernán (Cardenales)
Querecuto, Juniel (Cardenales)
Torrealba, Eduardo (Águilas)
Vargas, Ildemaro (Cardenales)
Catchers (Team)
Marchán, Rafael (Tigres)
Narváez, Carlos (Cardenales)
Sánchez, Héctor (Águilas) 

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