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Baseball United Holds First-Ever Draft; Four Teams Make Selections For 2024 Season

 Leif Skodnick  |    Oct 23rd, 2023 8:36am EDT

Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, John McLaren, Didi Gregorius, and Jair Jurrjens of the Dubai Wolves pose for a photo on Baseball United media day in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sept. 19, 2023. (Photo: Leif Skodnick/World Baseball Network)

By Leif Skodnick
World Baseball Network

Baseball United is holding it’s first-ever draft on Monday starting at 9 a.m., with players being selected by the league’s four announced franchises: the Abu Dhabi Wolves, Dubai Falcons, Karachi Monarchs, and Mumbai Cobras.

Among the players we expect to be selected, most have significant Major League Baseball experience. In attendance at Baseball United’s media day in Cincinnati last month were Didi Gregorius, Robinson Cano, Bartolo Colon, Andrelton Simmons, and Jair Jurrjens, as well as Karan Patel, an eighth-round pick of the Chicago White Sox in 2019 who rose to Double-A before pitching with the Billings Mustangs in the independent Pioneer League last season.

Baseball United recently announced that the Dubai Showcase was rescheduled for November 24-25, and the format was changed to a pair of All-Star games at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Previously, the Dubai Showcase was schedule for November 9-11, with all four franchises participating in a three-day, four-team event.

9 a.m. – The livestream of the draft has just started at www.baseballunited.com – so far, some graphic. animations with guitar music. The show should be getting started any time now.

9:06 a.m. – The Mumbai Cobras are on the clock, with two minutes to make a selection.

9:08 a.m. – Mumbai selected Karan Patel with the first overall pick. Patel, mentioned above, rose to Double-A after being selected by the White Sox in the 2019 MLB Draft, and was the first Indian-American selected in the MLB Draft.

9:10 a.m. – Karachi selected Steven Moya with the second pick. Moya played parts of three seasons with the Detroit Tigers from 2014-16, and played in Japan from 2018-21. He’s since returned to North American and played for the Toros del Este in LIDOM and the Acereros de Monclova in the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol.

9:14 a.m. – The Dubai Wolves select Didi Gregorius, best known as the shortstop who followed Derek Jeter with the New York Yankees. Gregorius started the 2023 season with the Philadelphia Phillies and also played in Mexico with the Algodoneros de Union Laguna and with the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

9:16 a.m. – The Abu Dhabi Falcons select Pablo Sandoval, the former San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox third baseman nicknamed “Kung Fu Panda.” Sandoval last appeared in the Majors with Atlanta in 2021, but continues to play internationally, having played with the Navegantes de Magallanes in Venezuela, Tabasco and Monclova in the LMB, and Santurce in Puerto Rico over the past three years.

9:18 a.m. – The Abu Dhabi Falcons select Alex Liddi, who appeared in 61 MLB games with Seattle from 2010-13. A third baseman, Liddi has played for teams in the LMB, the Liga ARCO Mexicana del Pacifico, and the Chinese Professional Baseball League over the past decade.

9:20 a.m. – The Dubai Wolves select Robinson Cano, who’s going to play in LIDOM for the Estrellas Orientales in his hometown of San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, this winter. The former New York Yankee, New York Met, and Seattle Mariner gives Baseball United a bit of star power.

9:22 a.m. – The Karachi Kings select Phil Ervin, an outfielder who appeared in 237 MLB games from 2017-20 with Atlanta and Seattle.

9:24 a.m. – The Mumbai Cobras select speedy infielder Andrelton Simmons, who played 11 seasons in the Major Leagues with Atlanta, the Los Angeles Angels, the Minnesota Twins, and the Chicago Cubs.


Second Round

9. Karachi – David Huff, LHP

10. Dubai – Jair Jurrjens, RHP

11. Abu Dhabi – Dillon Thomas, OF

12. Mumbai – Robbie Ross, LHP

13. Mumbai – Justin Williams, OF

14. Abu Dhabi – Andre Rienzo, RHP

15. Dubai – Courtney Hawkins, OF

16. Karachi – Bartolo Colon, RHP

Third Round

17. Dubai – Dwight Smith Jr., OF

18. Abu Dhabi – Gabriel Guerrero, OF

19. Mumbai – Shed Long, 2B

20. Karachi – Jefry Marte, 1B/3B

21. Karachi – Denis Phipps, OF

22. Mumbai – Jacob Robson, OF

23. Abu Dhabi – Alejandro de Aza, OF

24. Dubai – Wilin Rosario, C

Fourth Round

25. Abu Dhabi – Konsta Kurrika, RHP

26. Mumbai – Akeem Bostick, RHP

27. Karachi – AJ Schugel, RHP

28. Dubai – Dovydas Neverauskas, RHP

29. Dubai – Reggie McClain, RHP

30. Karachi – Hector Sanchez, C

31. Mumbai – Akeel Morris, RHP

32. Abu Dhabi – JD Hammer, RHP

Fifth Round

33. Mumbai – Tiago Da Silva, RHP

34. Karachi – Shingo Hirata, RHP

35. Dubai – Conor Panas, OF/1B

36. Abu Dhabi – Severino Gonzalez, RHP

37. Abu Dhabi – Rusney Castillo, OF

38. Dubai – Brian Schlitter, RHP

39. Karachi – Drew Ward, IF

40. Mumbai – Brandon Laird, IF

Sixth Round

41. Karachi – Dylan Unsworth, RHP

42. Dubai – Hernan Perez, INF

43. Abu Dhabi – Mitch Lively, RHP

44. Mumbai – Brantley Bell, IF

45. Mumbai – Cito Culver, IF

46. Abu Dhabi – Jhoan Urena, 1B/3B

47. Dubai – Alex Katz, LHP

48. Karachi – Juremi Profar, INF

Seventh Round

49. Dubai – Rudy Martin, OF

50. Abu Dhabi – Sam Abbott, 1B/DH

51. Mumbai – Zac Rosscup, LHP

52. Karachi Carlos Martinez, RHP

53. Karachi – Quincy Latimore, OF

54. Mumbai – Enrique Burgos, RHP

55. Abu Dhabi – Alberto Mineo, C

56. Dubai – L.P. Pelletier, IF/OF

Eighth Round

57. Abu Dhabi – Mitch Piatnik, 2B

58. Mumbai – Dalton Combs, OF

59. Karachi – Jason Dicochea, IF

60. Dubai – Christiaan Beyers, IF

61. Dubai – Todd Van Steensel, RHP

62. Karachi – Pavin Parks, IF

63. Mumbai – Carlos Garzon, C

64. Abu Dhabi – Leo Backstrom, C/1B

Ninth Round

65. Mumbai – Raul Shah, OF

66. Karachi – Franklin Van Gurp, RHP

67. Dubai – Cameron Gann, RHP

68. Abu Dhabi – Shungo Fukunaga, LHP

69. Abu Dhabi – Luke Westphal, LHP

70. Dubai – Aldrich De Jongh, OF

71. Karachi – Jalen Garcia, OF

72. Mumbai – Justin Wylie, OF/IF

Tenth Round

73. Karachi – Alex Dubord, RHP

74. Dubai – Vincent Ahrens, C/1B

75. Abu Dhabi – Matt Soren, RHP

76. Mumbai – Austin Bernard, C/OF

77. Mumbai – Nico Tellache, LHP

78. Abu Dhabi – Federico Celli, OF

79. Dubai – Ernest Ohandza, IF/OF/P

80. Karachi – Tucker Smith, RHP

Selections By Team

Abu Dhabi Falcons
4. Pablo Sandoval, IF
5. Alex Liddi, IF
11. Dillon Thomas, OF
14. Andre Rienzo, RHP
25. Konsta Kurrika, RHP
32. JD Hammer, RHP
36. Severino Gonzalez, RHP
37. Rusney Castillo, OF
43. Mitch Lively, RHP
46. Jhoan Urena, 1B/3B
50. Sam Abbott, 1B/DH
55. Alberto Mineo, C
57. Mitch Piatnik, 2B
64. Leo Backstrom, C/1B
68. Shungo Fukunaga, LHP
69. Luke Westphal, LHP
75. Matt Soren, RHP
78. Federico Celli, OF

Dubai Wolves
3. Didi Gregorius, IF
6. Robinson Cano, IF
10. Jair Jurrjens, RHP
15. Courtney Hawkins, OF
28. Dovydas Neverauskas, RHP
29. Reggie McClain, RHP
35. Conor Panas, OF/1B
38. Brian Schlitter, RHP
42. Hernan Perez, INF
47. Alex Katz, LHP
49. Rudy Martin, OF
56. L.P. Pelletier, IF/OF
60. Christiaan Beyers, IF
61. Todd Van Steensel, RHP
67. Cameron Gann, RHP
70. Aldrich De Jongh, OF
74. Vincent Ahrens, C/1B
79. Ernest Ohandza, IF/OF/P

Karachi Monarchs
2. Steven Moya, OF
7. Phil Ervin, OF
9. David Huff, LHP
16. Bartolo Colon, RHP
20. Jefry Marte, 1B/3B
21. Denis Phipps, OF
27. AJ Schugel, RHP
30. Hector Sanchez, C
34. Shingo Hirata, RHP
39. Drew Ward, IF
41. Dylan Unsworth, RHP
48. Juremi Profar, INF
52. Carlos Martinez, RHP
53. Quincy Latimore, OF
59. Jason Dicochea, IF
62. Pavin Parks, IF
66. Franklin Van Gurp, RHP
71. Jalen Garcia, OF
73. Alex Dubord, RHP
80. Tucker Smith, RHP

Mumbai Cobras
1. Karan Patel, RHP
8. Andrelton Simmons, INF
12. Robbie Ross, LHP
13. Justin Williams, OF
19. Shed Long, 2B
22. Jacob Robson, OF
26. Akeem Bostick, RHP
31. Akeel Morris, RHP
33. Tiago Da Silva, RHP
40. Brandon Laird, IF
44. Brantley Bell, IF
45. Cito Culver, IF
51. Zac Rosscup, LHP
54. Enrique Burgos, RHP
58. Dalton Combs, OF
63. Carlos Garzon, C
65. Raul Shah, OF
72. Justin Wylie, OF/IF
76. Austin Bernard, C/OF
77. Nico Tellache, LHP