Creepy Fans at Baseball Games Apparent Promotion for Movie ‘Smile’

If you were watching a baseball game last night, you might’ve noticed someone behind home plate who couldn’t stop smiling in a very creepy fashion. As it turns out, that was not a coincidence.

The two fans who attended the Red Sox-Yankees, Mets-Athletics and Cardinals-Dodgers games on Friday night were actors promoting Smile, a horror movie that apparently features villains with a bunch of very creepy smiles.

It was certainly impressive that these actors were able to hold their smiles for the entire game, and the marketing definitely worked as it got people talking about these weird fans at the games. Still, it made for a strange visual.

The movie opens in theaters next week, which would explain the timing of the marketing campaign. It is also possible that they may not be done promoting the movie, so don’t be surprised if the creepy smiling fans show up at more games this week. 

Still, even if the marketing worked in getting the word out, it’s unclear if it made people more likely to watch the movie. Instead, people may have had nightmares last night that they weren’t expecting.