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Curacao Announces Pre-selection Roster For 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games

 Matt Tallarini  |    May 5th, 2023 12:13pm EDT

Logo the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games.

The Curacao Baseball Federation announced the pre-selection roster for 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador.  

The baseball tournament portion of the games will take place at Parque De Pelota Saturnino Bengoa in San Salvador from June 24 to July 1. The other seven countries participating in the baseball event are World Baseball Rankings No. 7 Cuba, No. 11 Puerto Rico, No. 3 Mexico, the host nation, 59th ranked El Salvador, No. 17  Nicaragua, the 10th ranked Dominican Republic, and No. 6 Venezuela.

Curacao is ranked 32nd in the world rankings and won the Caribbean Cup in 2021 on home soil and placing second, losing to the Netherlands by the score of 6-1 in Rotterdam at the 2022 Haarlem Honkbal Week event. 

Curacao qualified for the 2023 El Salvador Central American and Caribbean Games back in December at the Caribbean Cup, beating the host nation Bahamas by the score of 4-2 in the third place game of the tournament. 

The roster for the Central American and Caribbean Games will be similar to the team Curacao brought with them to the Bahamas, filled with players that were recently released from professional organizations throughout the world, their professional leagues on the island from the Rookie, Single-A, and Double-A levels, along with players that have recently played at the collegiate level in the United States. 

Curacao can bring players that are affiliated with Major League Baseball organizations who are assigned to the lower levels of the minor leagues to the Central American and Caribbean Games.  

President of the Curacao Baseball Federation Jedrek Magdalena expects the event to shine a spotlight on players from Curacao and help them gain exposure for the Curacao professional league that will play this winter as well as the Caribbean Series.

“It’s going to be definitely one of the big scouting opportunities. We’re going to have part of the coaching staff also there be a part of it,” Magdalena said. “For the players especially, it’s going to be a big step for them to show that they can play at a higher level than what we are used to and for them to also get prepared at the higher level of competition.” 

“It’s going to be the first step towards forming the team for the Caribbean Series… So definitely look out for us there. We’re also going to go there to get the gold medal. Like I said, before it’s all part of the big plan we have for Curacao.”

Curacao Pre-selection Roster 2023 Central American & Caribbean Games:

AA – Curacao Professional Federation League
CFA – Current Free Agent

Pitchers (Team) 
Temesh Lourens (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Cerilio Soliana (Royal Scorpions-AA)
Denverick Martines (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Ruderly Manuel Wildcats (AA)
Risandro Pastor (Wildcats-AA) 
Nigel Calmes(Wildcats-AA) 
Hershelon Juliana(Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Jordan Lucas (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Siamani Boekhoudt (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Zairich Daal (Groot Kwartier Stars-AA) 
Marlison Brunken (Groot Kwartier Stars-AA) 
Cedeon Langguth (Firebirds-AA) 
Joharvi Martinus (CFA) 
Chris Koeiman (RCH Penguins)
Frensley Leito (Royal Scorpions-AA)
Klevert Martina  (Western Oklahoma State College) 
Arjun Huerta (Jackson State University)
Je-Andrick Lourens (Monroe College)
Nelmerson Angela (Amsterdam Pirates)
Arlison Rodriguuez (New York Mets) 
Jayden Estanista (Philadelphia Phillies)  
Jediah Kwidama (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Elchero Francisca (Royal Scorpions-AA)
Angel Vilchez (Los Angeles Dodgers) 
Clarence Martina (Washington Nationals) 
Keordan Leito (Wildcats-AA) 
Chelton Jones (Marchena Braves-AA) 

Ulrich Snijders (Wildcats-AA)
Terrence Goeloe (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Stephan Vidal (Royal Scorpions-AA)
Jahzeel Groetelaars Marchena Braves (AA) 
Drexler Macaay (Groot Kwartier Stars-AA)
Ortwin Pieternella (San Marino)
Enrique Hatma (Curacao Neptunus)

Sherman Lacrus (CFA) 
Sherwenne Antersijin (Santa Maria Pirates-AA) 
Aldair Daal (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Raysheandell Michel(Wildcats-AA) 
Alexander Henreitte (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Shakir Albert (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Erickson Leonora (San Marino)
Rayshelon Carolina (Curacao Neptunus)
Edman Americaan (CFA) 
Aldrich De Jong (CFA) 
Wladmir Balentien (CFA)
Jediael Maduro (San Francisco Giants) 

Raywendley Van Gurp (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Alex Henrietta (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Roderick Bernadina (Royal Scorpions-AA) 
Darren Seferina (Santa Maria Pirates-AA)
Kevin Moesquit (Santa Maria Pirates-AA) 
Swindly Lint (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Riordan Windster(Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Calten Daal (Santa Rosa Indians-AA) 
Quensly Balentien (Groot Kwartier Stars-AA) 
Alexander Rodriguez (Wildcats-AA) 
Shurendel Mujica (Wildcats-AA) 
Yevganni Reinita (Wildcats-AA) 
Brendly Martina (HCAW) 
Dudley Lenora (San Marino) 
Cedanne Rafaela (Boston Red Sox) 
Shervyen Newton (Kansas City Royals) 
Didi Gregorius (Algodoneros de Union Laguna) 
Andrelton Simmons (CFA) 
Jamal Zalm (Milwaukee Brewers) 
Kay-Lan Nicasia (Milwaukee Brewers) 
Lennard Pieters (Shibetsu Samurai Blades)