To remember, honor, and recognize the contributions the Negro League made to the black community, Major League Baseball, and society.


A forgotten World Series Championship of an unlikely Negro League team, details the forgotten history of what the league meant to the black community, this country, and the  American pastime sport of Major League Baseball.


The deck was stacked against the Cleveland Buckeyes in countless ways. They had very little money, and had to drive their own cars to their games, navigating the pitfalls of Jim Crow laws. When a tragic accident killed two of their players and left four others seriously injured in 1942, everyone was ready to count them out. But against all odds, the team rallied and came roaring back, going on to play in two Negro League World Series, and winning it all in 1945. This is the triumphant story of that against-all-odds comeback. Their forgotten story is part of the history that describes the end of the negro league, what integration meant to the black community and how their contributions to this Nation were forgotten as well.


The funding will be used for the part two round of interviews to get filmed. The first part was filmed at the Baseball heritage Museum in Cleveland Ohio. 1 Day shoot cost roughly 1500.00 dollars total.  With our goal funds we would be able to have an extra day of shooting and securing archives from the local museums and the Negro League Baseball Museum.  Our goal amount would get the footage rough cut complete for the final pieces to be ready to share at the Baseball Heritage Museum in memory of the World Series Championship in September. 

Producer & Cinematography Crew

T. Jackson is an American storyteller and content creator. She was born in the Mojave Desert and holds a MFA in screenwriting.  Jackson has worked along side of industry giants including Oscar & Emmy award winning writers, directors, and producers for both television and film.  And has extensive experience in commercial and independent filmmaking, including the award-wining short “Not 4 Sale”.  Jackson’s new focus is to create original worlds and craft fantastical tales with a unique take on both historical and contemporary themes. 

We graciously thank our producer for being a part of this project.

Additional Information

Growing up in Cleveland, I heard all about the Cleveland Indians and the influence of our great American pastime of baseball in our city. Not until coming of age and learning about our lineage of African Americans in Cleveland did I hear about the Negro League Teams that fought their way to play the game when they were shut out of the Major Leagues. In more research, I found that there was one very important forgotten story, the Cleveland Buckeyes forgotten championship. After doing this research and seeing writers and historians work hard at retelling this story, I felt compelled to tell the story in a way that will connect the community to the lives of these heroes who gave Cleveland a championship through war, Jim Crow, and the great migration challenges. I am sharing their stories for the sake of people who work for justice today, in Cleveland and beyond. Our Cleveland Buckeye’s created a way through triumph and tragedy. I want to share their story with my community and the world and why it should be such an inspiration to all from Cleveland and beyond.  

I have secured an awesome team to help create the film and stumbled upon a famous African American Photographers’ work from Cleveland that was a very active photographer of the black community during that time that will be displayed within the film.  The film also has a children’s book about this story.  I have artist from the fashion industry that are supporting by creating products to bring awareness to the story.  

Allen E. Cole Photograph

The Nitty-Gritty

Being a female BIPOC emerging film director has been challenging trying to obtain funding through grants. It’s been hard to get support from others outside of the community to see how big the story really is.  It can be controversial when the in depth stories of our Historians are told but it definitely is a story that should be told. 

Thank You

I want to thank you for your time to read about this forgotten part of history and hope you would join us on this journey in sharing this story. 

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