Mark Zuckerberg-signed Little League baseball card will go up for auction

Mark Zuckerberg gifted his camp counselor his Little League baseball card in 1992

Mark Zuckerberg is more than just the brains behind Facebook. He was a Little League star.

Zuckerberg, 38, signed his own Little League baseball card in 1992 and, 30 years later, it will go up for auction. 

The tech giant gave former camp counselor Ali Tarantino the card as a gift, and Tarantino is putting the card on the market.

“My part of the story is over with,” Tarantino said in an auction’s press release video. “So, due to Mark’s prominence in the tech world, I figured now is a good time to sell this card and put it on the market.”

Tarantino noted he was a summer camp counselor for years before receiving the eventual Facebook founder’s Little League card.

“I’m now an elementary school teacher and summer camp employee, so I interact with hundreds of kids each year,” Tarantino said. “In the early 2000s, I was reading an article about the 25 most influential people under age 25. I recognized Mark’s picture and learned he was the face behind Facebook.”

Tarantino shared that he is not only selling the psychical card but an exclusive NFT version too. 

Stephen Fishler, founder and co-owner of ComicConnect, noted how valuable Zuckerberg’s signed Little League card is in a press release.

“Keep in mind, Mark Zuckerberg has impacted our culture more than every MLB and NBA player combined,” Fishler said. “And this isn’t just some mass-produced card.”

Fishler noted that the back of the card listed Zuckerberg’s baseball stats.

“He weighed 48 lbs. He played infield. He hit 23 of 25 at-bats that season — a remarkable .920 batting average,” Fishler said. 

ComicConnect noted that it had Zuckerberg’s signature authenticated by comparing a signed autograph album from that same time.

Zuckerberg’s rare baseball card will go on the market this fall with a starting price of $1.

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