Rockies reporter injured by 95-mph foul ball

Kelsey Wingert was reporting on the Giants vs. Rockies game when San Francisco’s Austin Slater’s foul ball hit her in the head, sending her to the hospital.

DENVER — A foul ball hit by a player on the visiting team at a recent Rockies game flew right down the first-base line, hitting a baseball reporter in the head, sending her to the hospital. 

In the ninth inning of the Giants vs. Rockies game on Monday night, Giants player Austin Slater hit a 95-mph line drive foul ball that hit Colorado Rockies reporter Kelsey Wingert in the head.  

In a tweet from Wingert, she said she spent five hours in the hospital getting treatment. That included a CT scan to check for internal bleeding or fractures, which came back clear.

“I received internal and external stitches. I’ve been staying at my GM’s house. I can’t say enough about AT&TSN & the Rox. I’ve never experienced support like this. Thank you for the prayers,” she said in a tweet.

This isn’t the first time Wingert has suffered an injury while covering the baseball beat. 

A colleague of Wingert’s tweeted a photo of her after she was hit by a foul ball reporting on a Braves game in 2018. 

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