Royals announce plans to move to new ballpark in downtown Kansas City

The Royals’ lease for Kauffman Stadium expires in 2030 and the Royals will then look to move

Kauffman Stadium has been home to the Kansas City Royals since 1973 and it’ll remain their home through most of the 2020s. Royals ownership has plans for a new park, though.

On Tuesday, in a letter to fans, Royals owner John Sherman revealed plans to build a new ballpark in downtown Kansas City — or “close to it” — and surround it with a “ballpark district.”

They haven’t yet nailed down a specific spot, but said they have “several leading locations under close consideration.”

The club released an artist rendering of the new ballpark the Royals plan to unveil for the 2030s, if not sooner.

Kansas City Royals
Once the A’s either get a new ballpark in Oakland or leave for a new city, the only four ballparks older than Kauffman Stadium will be Fenway Park (Red Sox, 1912), Wrigley Field (Cubs, 1914), Dodger Stadium (1962) and Angel Stadium (1966).

The Royals lease for Kauffman Stadium runs to 2030, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stay put the entire time. There’s wiggle room to leave earlier, should the plans for the new ballpark and then the construction come together earlier.