World Baseball Network Interviews Jordan Baltimore of New York Empire Baseball

– Matt Tallarini, Chief Correspondent, WORLD BASEBALL NETWORK

Interview with New York Empire Baseball Part 1

Interview with New York Empire Baseball Part 2

Interviews with New York Empire Baseball (PART 3)


New York Empire Baseball is changing the world of baseball instruction and coaching, one player at a time.
Science based content. Inspiring, educated coaches.
And a culture the likes of which no baseball field has ever seen.

New York Empire Baseball was founded in 2009 with the purpose of enhancing the youth sports experience in New York City. Since then, New York Empire Baseball’s programs have been featured both in local media as well as in the Wall Street Journal and on NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, and ESPN Radio.     

Youth sports should be organized to develop the academic, athletic and social skills of tomorrow’s leaders on- and off-the-field. Through years of experience, the founders saw that this type of development was taking a back seat to profits, unfriendly competition through a win-at-all-costs attitude, and even some vicarious parental involvement. Don’t get us wrong – New York Empire Baseball believes that competition and development aren’t mutually exclusive – in fact, we believe they go hand in hand – friendly competition brings out the best in all of us. We have been coaching children ages 3 – 17 for the last 10 years, and we treat all of them with the respect they deserve. We strive to provide each child we encounter with the tools they need to succeed on- and off-the-field, today and tomorrow. Children are coached not by parents, but by exceptional coaches – educated and mature role models who have seen their share of on- and off-the-field successes and failures, and have learned to grow and teach from their experiences.

After being a part of New York Empire Baseball, our players are noted by their parents, other teams, and even the other teams’ parents for their maturity, teamwork and for their ability to make smart decisions in tough situations – all in addition to their ability to run, throw, hit and field.  In addition to training and developing some of the finest baseball players in New York, we also teach life lessons through baseball.


  • Began as the 8U Eagles in 2006.
  • Became New York Empire 11U in Fall 2009.
  • Became the Head Coach of Hunter HS Varsity Baseball in Winter 2010.
  • Began After School Programs & Camps in 2011. Earned our National Pitching Association Certification in 2011.
  • Won back to back to back to back New York Travel Baseball Championships.
  • Noted in 2014 by NBC News, the Wall Street Journal and ESPN Radio as having the finest baseball instructional programs to be found anywhere.
  • Grew to 16 teams and nearly 500 players in 2014.
  • In 2015 opened The Arena, the most realistic indoor baseball training environment anywhere, with 2 floors of nothing but New York Empire Baseball training.
  • Named NYC Area Director for the National Pitching Association in 2016.
  • Became the world’s first Driveline Certified Baseball Coach in 2019, and the first coaches in the New York Area to earn both OnBaseU’s hitting and pitching certifications. 
  • Grew to over 30 teams and nearly 1,600 players in 2019 and earned first or second place in every travel age group from 7U – 14U.
  • Called “one of the most advanced places to learn to hit” by the Wall Street Journal in 2019. 
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