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Trafalgar Square Takeover Returns With the MLB London Series

 Nick Martin - World Baseball Network  |    Jun 4th, 2024 6:46pm EDT

Photo courtesy of MLB.com

During the weekend, there are several ways that baseball fans from all over the world can get involved in the festivities of the MLB London Series. The Trafalgar Square Takeover brings baseball fans to one of London’s most iconic locations. Both London Series games will be screened live for fans to watch. All who attend can enjoy food, music, shopping, and a hitting boot camp.

Fans can attend the event for free from the seventh inning to the ninth.

Major League Baseball is continuing its relationship with the UK and London in the third year of the London Series. This weekend, the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies will play at London Stadium.  

A unique live baseball experience called “The Cage” blends real-life and virtual gameplay using augmented reality. A home run derby between Mets legend Daniel Murphy and Phillies legend Chase Utley alongside Gladiators Apollo and Fire will kick off the series on Friday night.  

The London Series continues to present a unique experience for all baseball fans, whether from the UK or coming from across the pond to watch their teams play. This series is another event in the marriage between the UK and the MLB that has been successful thus far. The MLB continues to expand its global reach in efforts to grow the game of baseball.  

This is the fourth and final series in this year’s MLB World Tour, which has seen games in Mexico City, Seoul, and the Dominican Republic.  

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